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Hotel Val di Sogno is situated just two kilometres from the town centre of Malcesine, in a peaceful place called Val di Sogno (= Dream Valley), northeast of Lake Garda (Veneto Region, Italy), on the slopes of Monte Baldo.
The building is not on the main road, but on the shores of lake in Via Val di Sogno 16.
GPS coordinates: Latitude 45° 44 ' 47 '' N Longitude 10° + 51.23 ' 38.26

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Hotel Val di Sogno Malcesine

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Via Val di Sogno 16
37018 Malcesine (VR)

Tel. +39.045.7400108
Fax +39.045.7401694


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Goodbye season 2019,
as always wonderful companion of high quality and precious holidays.
Goodbye guests,
maybe we'll meet again next year or in the future.
Goodbye, staff.
We wouldn't be going anywhere without you.
Goodbye to passing clouds,
endless skies, bright glazing water and mountains with enchanted colours.
Goodbye long days, sometimes cold,
sometimes scorching, always all smiling.
Goodbye lightning in the sky
, thunderclaps, fiery sunsets.

Welcome to future projects, we are not saying goodbye to you, because we already know that we will see each other every day, even if the hotel and the restaurant are closed to rest and settle in for a while and to be ready for the next (re-)start in April 2020.