A panorama of Malcesine and its Scaliger Castle



Did you know you’re in a Klimt painting? The world-famous Austrian painter stayed here in 1913 and made a beautiful painting of Malcesine. He wasn’t the only artist to fall in love with our pretty town. Goethe placed it on the map of history and literature when he stayed here in 1786. A place beloved of artists. The place of your dreams!

Malcesine’s principle landmark is the Castello Scaligero, named for the powerful Della Scala family. The castle and its 70-metre tower dominate the town from a rocky outcrop. The Lacaor natural amphitheatre is one of the most ancient proto-historical settlements in the area and in the summer plays and shows are often held there. The castle also houses the Nuovo Museo di Storia Naturale del Baldo e del Garda (New Natural History Museum of Monte Baldo and Lake Garda), a rich showcase of local flora and fauna, plus a whole room devoted to Goethe, of course.

Other places worthy of a visit are the magnificently decorated old parish church of Santo Stefano featuring Baroque ceiling frescoes with the coats-of-arms of Malcesine, Venice and the Della Scala family; and the well-stocked Biblioteca Comunale (municipal library) located in the restored rooms of the Palazzo dei Capitani. In addition to thousands of books in Italian, English and German, the library also has listening posts for listening to good music and is Internet-connected for educational and multimedia-research purposes. The Palazzo dei Capitani, a beautiful Venetian-Gothic building, is so called because it was the residence of the Captain for Lake Garda, who was responsible for preventing smuggling. Today it is famous for its lovely lake-side garden and for the music concerts held in the summer in the splendid main salon.

Another interesting place to visit is the little Museo della Pesca (Fishing Museum) in the harbour area at Cassone. A voyage through the world and history of fishing, of fisherman and of fishing techniques which became increasing sophisticated over time. Starting from the harbour, a three-hour walk takes you to the hermitage of Saints Benigno and Caro (13th c.), a place of prayer and meditation.

The characteristic Saturday market is highly popular; it is one of the oldest forms of commerce and the tradition is still very much alive even today. For another very enjoyable experience, visit some of the wine shops in Malcesine to familiarise with our ancient “cellar culture” as you discover the authentic flavours of genuine local wines and oils. Malcesine is very proud of its precious oil of a deep golden-green colour. It has a high concentration of vitamins and an extremely low acidity level; it is made from the olives grown in groves located in an oasis between the foggy Po Valley and the Alpine glaciers.

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Wellness area "Piccolo Sogno"

Wellness area Piccolo Sogno

One evening at dinner... by us! aa

Hotel Val di Sogno Luxury Dinner

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