A panorama of Lake Garda

Lake Garda


The largest surface of water in Italy, situated south of the Alps, Garda is a semiglacial lake with amazing landscapes. Its flora, fauna, islands, valleys and winds make it a wonderful place to visit and explore.

The lakeshore villages with their castles, museums, churches, markets and many different events give an extra, distinctive touch to that special Mediterranean character that makes the Italians so unique. Lake Garda’s hospitality, food and wine, speciality products, fun parks, spas, attractions (be they sport-related, cultural or spiritual) form a rich backdrop for visitors who stay here and give a matchless added-value to their holiday. The mountains, the interior and the lowlands around the lake have so much to offer; you really will find everything you could want in a holiday, be it a short break or a long stay.

One evening at dinner... by us! aa

Hotel Val di Sogno Luxury Dinner

Wellness area "Piccolo Sogno"

Wellness area Piccolo Sogno

One evening at dinner... by us! aa

Hotel Val di Sogno Luxury Dinner

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Last season we had rainy days and sunny days
but always our gorgeous Lake Garda in front of us.

While we're getting ready for another “dreamy” season
which will officially start on 13th April 2019
we like to wish you a winter full of joy, positivity and time to be happy.

Maybe planning a holiday or a short break.