We at Hotel Val di Sogno place great importance on wellbeing and enjoying life, two concepts centred on good, authentic flavours. Precisely like the flavour of Italy’s world-famous cuisine skilfully prepared with a touch of internationalization and newness just for you by our kitchen brigade, who carefully select the best traditional local specialities and cook them creatively. So you may enjoy, right from the early morning, the best that Italian modern cuisine has to offer.


Espresso or cappuccino, milk and coffee or hot chocolate, fruit juices, a wide choice of teas and herbal teas, classic bread butter and jam, cakes and cookies, fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurts and milks, various cereals, charcuterie and cheeses, eggs and ham and much more.

A healthy, tasty and nutritious breakfast, served in a quiet, comfortable dining room or outside on the terrace with a panoramic view. The best way to start another splendid day in Val di Sogno, where we focus the greatest care and attention even and above all on the first moments of your day. Here you’ll find a vast selection of fresh, artisan products sourced from our top local producers and prepared by our chefs. Have a great day!


Experience and taste the finest traditions of Italian cuisine in topical art

Good to look at and, above all, good to eat.
This is our restaurant’s philosophy, these are the sensations we want for our guests here, where they have the chance of enjoying Italian and international flavours in simple, authentic dishes. In keeping with the atmosphere of our hotel, the food, too, follows the slow, eternal round of the seasons in a wealth of always fresh products. The natural fruits of our Earth are as unique as our landscape here on Lake Garda.



Discover and enjoy our food & mood philosophy

in ristorante Dolciaque, made in Hotel Val di Sogno.

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Hotel Val di Sogno Malcesine

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Via Val di Sogno 16
37018 Malcesine (VR)

Tel. +39.045.7400108
Fax +39.045.7401694


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Goodbye season 2019,
as always wonderful companion of high quality and precious holidays.
Goodbye guests,
maybe we'll meet again next year or in the future.
Goodbye, staff.
We wouldn't be going anywhere without you.
Goodbye to passing clouds,
endless skies, bright glazing water and mountains with enchanted colours.
Goodbye long days, sometimes cold,
sometimes scorching, always all smiling.
Goodbye lightning in the sky
, thunderclaps, fiery sunsets.

Welcome to future projects, we are not saying goodbye to you, because we already know that we will see each other every day, even if the hotel and the restaurant are closed to rest and settle in for a while and to be ready for the next (re-)start in April 2020.