Wellness area "Piccolo Sogno"


a little wellness dream  

Warmth, water, rest.

These three words combined are exactly the experience we would like to offer through a "Piccolo Sogno" (translated little dream), our exclusive wellness are.

Admitting the over-18s only it offers: a Finnish sauna (80-90 °C at 10%-20% humidity, recommended for maximum 15-minute sessions); a Turkish/steam bath (40-45 °C at 98% humidity, recommended for maximum 20-minute sessions); a water paradise a.k.a experience showers: cold (min. 10 °C) or hot (max. 39 °C) with a 90-second jet of coloured, perfumed water; an ice fall (0 °C) for cooling down whenever you like; as well as a cold stream, i.e. a bucketful of icy water, three seconds of pure, bracing emotion.

You can even go for a barefoot walk on the beach and take a swim in the blue lake in front of you.

Then there’s the relaxation room with comfortable chaises-longues and a fascinating salt wall (35 °C) to help you revitalise your body, find your inner balance and rest your mind.

"Piccolo Sogno" is a special place for the wellbeing of your body, mind and spirit. Therefore we allow entrance only by reservation and upon payment and for six persons at time, to ensure you enjoy the utmost peace and quietness. Realise your little dream; you will enjoy moments of indescribable peace, as you gaze over the water and the lake!

Next to the wellness area there is our modern-equipped fitness suite, with treadmill, a cross-trainer, a spin-bike and a weights bench, all by Tecnogym.

Then it is up to you: it just take a short walk to find yourself surrounded by an amazing and very efficient natural gym: the beach, the lake and the mountains, with many opportunities for sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and canyoning and every other water sport, mountain-bike trails, nature walks, running routes, paragliding and much more!

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Fitness suite Hotel Val di Sogno

Fitness suite Hotel Val di Sogno

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