View of the poll of Hotel Val di Sogno in Malcesine

Garden and pool

in Hotel Val di Sogno

Flower's fragrance, water fountains, sunrays plays.

Our garden is a small shore-front park where you can enjoy relaxing while you read, do some serious sunbathing, have an ice-cream, sip a tea, a refreshing soft drink or an aperitif (perhaps one of the delicious cocktails from our bar, we make them for all tastes) or simply do what you never have time for: taking special care of yourself!

A peaceful green space just for you where you can forget the hectic pace of day-to-day life and use your time according to completely different criteria: tranquillity, nature, beauty.

Our outdoor heated swimming pool is surrounded by greenery. Parasols and loungers are provided for your moments (or whole days) of enjoyment and relaxation. The pool is heated so you can swim even in cooler months when the sun seems unwilling to peek out from behind the clouds.

Gazing at the unbelievably beautiful Lake Garda while you relax, floating in delightfully lukewarm water… could there be anything better?

One evening at dinner... by us!

Hotel Val di Sogno Luxury Dinner

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Hotel Val di Sogno Malcesine

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Via Val di Sogno 16
37018 Malcesine (VR)

Tel. +39.045.7400108
Fax +39.045.7401694


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