La spiaggia di Val di Sogno

A... dreamy beach

in Val di Sogno

The beaches in Malcesine are all open to the public, there is none private; but the Val di Sogno beach is little known and therefore particularly appreciated and quiet. Close at hand, and with not many tourists, it’s a little oasis of tranquillity with the Red House as lookout on the left and the set of colourful houses of Cassone on the right. Admin the blue of Lake Garda and all his glory for you round-the-clock!

Just go down a few steps from the hotel garden or terrace and you’re already there.

The beach near Hotel Val di Sogno in Malcesine

  For those who travel by lake there’s also a private berthing jetty and mooring buoys. The same facilities are available to guests who bring their own motor- or sailing boat with them or those who rent one to enjoy a different side to their holiday. There are numerous harbours or marinas serving the small towns and villages dotted around Garda’s lakeshore. Each community has its own history and traditions, vibrant local cultures to enjoy alone or with company, at your own pace, exploring and learning… enriching the mind with new experiences.

The beach in Val di Sogno

La spiaggia dell'Hotel Val di Sogno a Malcesine

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Hotel Val di Sogno Malcesine

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