A corner of Paradise

in Malcesine on Garda Lake

Welcome to Hotel Val di Sogno,
where you’ll discover the true meaning of the term a “relaxation”!

There is a kind of silence that is not just an absence of sound.
It is a special silence, full of the sounds of the water, sky and land.

There is a beauty that is impossible to describe. It is the beauty of a landscape that not even the mind of the greatest painter could imagine if nature had not already created it. .

There is a rare harmony that stays intact, as if suspended in time, only in certain places. A harmony which catches our eye and captures our soul and our thoughts.

This is Hotel Val di Sogno, where a stay is also an unforgettable experience of peace and calm. Perfectly set on a small inlet of Italy’s biggest lake, a corner of paradise in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Rooms Hotel Val di Sogno

A corner of paradise

For a unforgettable holidays

You can not say to have never seen a starry sky, without seeing a firmament in the Val di Sogno. Silence, no kind of light pollution, a slice of immense sky reflecting off the water of Lake Garda.

So you do not miss this show, we have equipped each room with a large balcony with chairs and deck chairs, all overlooking the lake.

This place is a fairy tale


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Hotel Val di Sogno Malcesine

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Via Val di Sogno 16
37018 Malcesine (VR)

Tel. +39.045.7400108
Fax +39.045.7401694


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Goodbye season 2019,
as always wonderful companion of high quality and precious holidays.
Goodbye guests,
maybe we'll meet again next year or in the future.
Goodbye, staff.
We wouldn't be going anywhere without you.
Goodbye to passing clouds,
endless skies, bright glazing water and mountains with enchanted colours.
Goodbye long days, sometimes cold,
sometimes scorching, always all smiling.
Goodbye lightning in the sky
, thunderclaps, fiery sunsets.

Welcome to future projects, we are not saying goodbye to you, because we already know that we will see each other every day, even if the hotel and the restaurant are closed to rest and settle in for a while and to be ready for the next (re-)start in April 2020.